Last chance to sign up for monitoring coalition prior to sharp increase in membership fees

As most dairy operators already know, water quality regulations adopted in May 2007 require all Central Valley dairies to install monitoring wells to demonstrate that management practices designed to protect groundwater are working properly. These regulations also require that samples from the wells are regularly tested at a certified laboratory to determine water quality. While this regulation was intended to protect our water resources – a goal dairy and all farming families strongly support – it comes with significant costs. To ease this burden while still meeting the requirements of regulations, dairy farmers organized and launched a not-for-profit coalition known as the Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program (CVDRMP). The application fees for CVDRMP membership will become $6,500 as of July 1. While it appears nearly all Central Valley dairies have joined the CVDRMP at this time, any Central Valley dairy that has not joined CVDRMP and wants to should act immediately to avoid having to pay this substantial increase. Anyone interested in signing up for the program or learning more can do so by visiting or calling (916) 441-3318.  (more) April 30, 2012 Dairy CARES newsletter