House Ag Subcommittee talks dairy policy

While the Senate Ag Committee was passing the farm bill, the  House Agriculture Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Subcommittee was taking testimony on dairy policy on Thursday. Tom Barcellos milks 800 cows in Tulare County, California and is president of Western United Dairymen. He told the committee he supports the Dairy Security Act but would like to see a change: As it stands now, if producers choose to participate in the margin insurance program it uses a national feed cost calculation, Barcellos says their feed costs are much higher in California. Western United Dairymen would like to see another option for farmers where they could use the average feed cost of the ten states with the highest milk production volume. Barcellos also noted that the current voluntary production cut-backs imposed on California dairy producers because of processing capacity must not be held against producers when establishing a production history.  (more) April 26, 2012 Brownfield Ag News